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Speech held to Montenegrins in September 1796 before going to the Battle of Krusi

Speech held to Montenegrins in September 1796 before going to the Battle of Krusi against Mahmud-paşa Bušatlija

Petar I Petrović-Njegoš

Blessedly gathered soldiers and brave knights,

The time has come again to show our strong muscles before the bloodthirsty Agaryan* kin! Again, I say, has come the time for us to show the witnessed glory and bravery and dignified defense of our freedom, which out blessedly departed ancestors faithfully fed to us. I am assured by your bravery, proven at Martinići, that you will be even mightier and manlier in this second clash. Your muscles are already steeped in the flowing river of the foe's blood. The foes angered you like ferocious lynxes and in you the great spirit of bravery, the spirit of knighthood lives. Fall on the enemy of our faith, our treasured Serbian name and make our dear free will and glorious knights! let us show this day what you will leave among your kin and descendants for eternal legacy. Today with a full heart our dear kin awaits to hear your knightly feats crowned with the wreath of victory, so they can afterwards make songs worthy of you and braid the wreaths of glory for you. Do not hold back in the ferocious battle your stout muscles, which are used to dueling with heroes. Be harmonious now more than ever before against out common enemy and do that, which is dignified to your names.

You yourselves know that Turks have always been afraid and they still are, of Montenegrins, they are afraid of Serbian knights, who are not skilled at leaving their homeland and even less to return to it with their honour tarnished.

Let us pray to merciful God, who has shown us his grace not once in bloody battles, so that this same great and just God will again show his mercy to his faithful and loving sons. Mention God together with me, you who He always helped and he will do so now as well.

Cetinje, September 1796

*Tran. note: "Agaryan" is a Serbian Medieval term for "Turkish"

Translated by Books of Jeremiah

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