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The suffering of Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina during
the world war 1914-1918

Vladimir Ćorović began writing the Black Book in 1917, soon after his release from the Zenica prison as an effort to systematically document the abuses and suffering of Serbs in his native Bosnia and Herzegovina after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand until the end of the Great War. The author was personally impacted by the events in the book both due to his own part observing and being a victim of the persecutions, as well as having his brother Svetozar imprisoned and Svetozar dying soon after release. While their stories are present, they are only side mentions in a greater tragedy which befell their people. Even with going into the level of detail that Ćorović was able to achieve, the author acknowledges that there is much more which should be written about the topic.

This book is an amazing mixture of the rigour of historical research combined at moments a more direct address towards the reader. Having watched the mobs in Sarajevo after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and experienced the Grand Treason process in Banja Luka and subsequent increase in his sentence and the Zenica prison, Ćorović is at the same time a primary source and a historical chronicler of "unparalleled historical times".

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